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"peterpaulmuzik"  music is primarily influenced by his cultural charisma, such as his accent, life experiences, and expressing genuine feelings that are almost impossible to talk about. Peter Paul music belongs with R&B, reggae, with an infusion of Hip-Hop. He plans to continue cultivating the world with his raspy dreamy like music.

Peter Paul biological name is Peter Paul Anthony Wright Jr. Peter Paul was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His family originated from Ireland and later moved to Jamaica.  Peter Paul started writing music at 15 years old. (Sophomore in High School) His biggest inspirations in music were Drake, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, and Damian Marley. “If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn't  have found an interest in writing music. It was through their music I began to learn that music is more than just something to listen to when you want to have a good time; music is a tool that one can use to express his or her emotions on more of a down to earth and sentimental level. “Growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends and was alone most of the time. I would use music to fill that empty void.”

Peter Paul would use Instrumentals from his favorite songs that he would hear on the radio to remix them. Later he got tired of using radio instrumentals, so he figured why not produce his own beats and rap over them. Shortly after he started to make beats and record music on his iPhone using apps from the app store. Around late Junior and early Senior year of high school Peter Paul would discover Fl Studio through a friend. It was through this discovery he learned how to Track and Mix and Master his own records. Since then Fl Studio has been a huge building block for “peterpaulmuzik career”.

“Growing up in the hood living in poverty, it was nearly impossible to afford studio sessions. So, learning the skills to professional do it yourself was a must at an early age if I wanted to get better and create more content. That’s the name of the game if you’re here to stay.” Peter Paul would spend his time after school and even early school mornings creating tons and tons of instrumental/soundtracks. He would later put those soundtracks out as albums on Apple Music. After his 6th and last instrumental album in 2016 “Dreams Forever” Peter Paul felt as if there was something missing in his music. That’s when he would start to rap and sing again. In February of 2017 Peter Paul would debut his first Recording Album “Life in Overdrive.” “Life in Overdrive” sold a little more than 2500 copies in the first year. “I had no clue that the project would do those numbers. It blew my mind; that gave me more of a reason to continue recording music. I felt as if I was starting to make the music that I’ve always wanted to make. More so it felt like I was for-filling my purpose and heading in the right direction.”

On February 28 2019 "peterpaulmuzik" would release his second recording album " After Dawn"  " This album is a more polished grown up approach to not only my music career but also to me as individual. I very proud to say I gave it my all lyrically, melodically, and emotionally.  I believe this album is the official stamp of music career and very excited for whats to come."


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