Focusing Your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.”

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Peterpaulmuzik is based in Staten Island, New York. Peter Paul started making music about his high school crushes at 15 years old (sophomore year of high school). Growing up Peter Paul didn’t have a lot of friends and was alone most of the time. He would use music to fill that empty void of his.

He started out using Instrumentals from his favorite songs that he would hear on the radio to remix them.  He later got tired of using radio instrumentals, so he figured why not produce his own beats and rap over them. Shortly after he started to make beats and record music on his iPhone using apps from the app store.

He became extremely good at making beats/instrumental soundtracks. He would then release those compositions as albums on iTunes. After his 6th and last instrumental album in 2016 “Dreams Forever” Peter Paul felt as if there was something missing in his music. That’s when he would begin to rap and sing again.

Listeners can expect to hear R&B, reggae, with an infusion of Hip-Hop. “Peterpaulmuzik” when listening has a raspy dreamy like feel to it. One can compare it to floating on a cloud another can compare it to laying on the beach during the sunset watching the waves crash against each other. On his reggae influential tracks, he delivers, and aggressive classy seduction feel to the music; One cannot standstill while listening. peterpaulmuzik can be characterized as timeless, something that can be played over and over without getting tired of hearing it. It is truly unique and idiosyncratic.

His biggest influences in music are Drake, Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, and Damian Marley. So far peterpaulmuzik has released two recording albums. “Life in Overdrive” back in February of 2017 and “After Dawn” which was released February 28, 2019. So far in peterpaulmuzik career his most notable show is performing at SOBs the (Sound of Brazil) in New York City. Currently peterpaulmuzik is touring NYC with his latest album “After Dawn.”       

After Dawn

By peterpaulmuzik

released February 28 2019

peterpaulmuzik debuts his newest album “After Dawn” February 28 2019. The recent EP “Life in OverDrive” turned a lot of heads in February of 2017 selling over 2500 copies. Even though it was a success locally, peterpaulmuzik still felt that there was still some work that needed to be done before the official stamp can be placed on his musical career. “After Dawn” features the following genres; HipHop/Rap, R&B, Reggae/Trap, Pop, and little bit of Soul. peterpaulmuzik teams up with the following artist Rome.Gusto, TrulytheSound, Lydi and Amani. “After Dawn” in terms of content and message is a grown-up version of Peter Paul.  “After Dawn” discusses the trial and error of a young man trying to find LOVE. (All the songs on the album features real scenarios and events) Towards the end of the Album on the track “Odd One” there is somewhat of a turn/ a lost in faith perhaps where peterpaulmuzik realizes that maybe its not love that he is looking for to fill that empty space/Void in heart. He is confused but content with his feelings and emotions. peterpaulmuzik is convinced that LOVE is real on the track “Lost friends/LOTB” but he also understands that LOVE is scarce. “If LOVE is so good why shouldn’t it be HARD to FIND”. peterpaulmuzik also uses this platform to try to understand the mind of Woman. He is curious in what a woman wants from him. He asks a series of questions on the track “What You” such as “I give you everything you need, what more do you want from me”. He uses this platform to deliver a message to the young men and woman of today’s WORLD. “Always be yourself, never switch up for someone else. Take your time its not a race; and know what it is you are asking for because it is very possible that you could be biting off a little bit more than you can chew. Understand the process.”

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